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 Road Trip Ideas

Not sure where to go? Let Travel Here and There's Road Trip and Travel Ideas open new possibilities and savings. Just click on the links below.

​​                               Bed Bug Warning!  

 Before you book your Hotel stay be sure to check the Bed Bug Registry. Don't turn Dream Vacation 

                            Into a Nightmare!    

Money Saving Tips When Booking A Hotel or resort

 Choosing the right Hotel or Resort could make a huge difference in over all budget. This is where you have to be the most creative to save money.  Do not just think of it as a place to sleep. This is your base of operation where you can save yourself a ton of money.
 What are we talking about you say? Lets take a look at some money saving tips to keep in mind when you are choosing your hotel or resort:

  • Is the property centrally located in the area of interests (gas savings)
  • Do they Have a shuttle service to the airport, attractions, shopping ect.. This one is more important if you are flying. You can eliminate car rental from your trip.
  • Do they offer any complementary breakfast or meal tickets (meal savings Check room amenities for refrigerator, microwave. If not check for ice machine.(meal storage)
  • Is the hotel offering any special packages that include Theme Park tickets or meal tickets.
  • Be Flexible with the days you book. Try booking week days instead of week ends. The room rates are cheaper. This also applies when booking Airfare. Travel off peak times. Nearly all popular travel spots experience highs and lows in the flow of visitors. During the low periods, airlines, hotels, tour operators, and other travel companies are eager to attract paying customers by offering deals. Price-cutting, freebies, and special offers suddenly become the norm in places that wouldn't dream of offering discounts when demand is high.

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