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  The general rule for flying or taking a cruise is travel light. With so many rules and regulations, traveling light is the best way to go. The more you pack the more trouble you will have going through customs.
 You should plan on doing carry on. It will save you money and make departing the plane or cruise ship faster. Large luggage bigger than 24"x 16" will have to be checked in on a plane and most charge per pound. There is also weight restrictions. You are allowed 1 carry on and 1 personal item.
 Your carry on will not only have your clothing but also your toiletries. These would be gels, shampoos, Hairspray or any other liquid. These items must meet the 3-1-1rule. 3.4oz or smaller containers, 1 quart size see through zip lock bag, and 1 bag per traveler. This bag should be on top and readily accessible. You are going to have to place this bag in a bin when going through customs. Please do not try to hide or bring larger items. They will confiscate them and in some cases detain you.
 You can go to for complete rules and regulations or your airline/cruise ships websites.
 Your personal item (one per person) can be a purse, briefcase, camera or diaper bag, lap top case or similar sized bag or smaller. These we use for bathing suites and a change of undergarments.
 Going the carry on way will save you time and money. No more waiting at the luggage claim or lost luggage and no more luggage fees.
[3-1-1 for Carry-ons]