Road Trip Ideas and Travel Recommendations in and around New York State

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​Outdoor Adventure

Whatever Sport or Outdoor Recreation you like to do you'll find it all within driving distance.

 Road Trip! You can have any travel experience you want when you Explore NY State. With Travel Here and There .com's Road Trip Ideas and Travel Recommendations in and around NY State you can Enjoy exhilaratingOutdoor Adventures such as Hiking, Skiing, Fishing, White Water Rafting, Boating, Cruises and so much more! 

 How about a thrilling flight over Manhattan or Niagara Falls in a helicopter!

 Experience New York City, where you can take in Shopping, Dinning, Art, Museum's and Architecture.

 ​ If food and wine are your reason to live, you should check out NY's Finger Lakes Region. where you'll find over 100 wineries, Breweries, Distilleries, Restaurants and unique places to stay.

 We have excursions for all, whether traveling on a budget or traveling with kids (or both!). Let us open your mind to traveling Local and having the most memorable adventure yet!

New York State

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Helicopter Tours

Fly high over the Manhattan or Niagara Falls.


From High Tea in historic hotels to shopping designer boutiques.